Custom Gold Teeth


Gold, Platinum, Whitegold, Rosegold
Diamonds, (Crushed, Princess Cut & Baguettes)
Same Day Service Available
Servicing LA, MS, AL & FL

As far back as ancient culture people have been inserting gems and precious metals into their teeth. Its amazing how dentistry and products that affect the appearance of teeth have exploded in so many ways. Before, the focus was on the prevention of cavities and the promotion of healthy gums. Nowadays, the physical appearance of teeth has become prominent in modern dentistry.

In American culture, this practice became popular in the 1980′s and exploded in the 2000′s. The trend toward the fashionable tooth coverings was boosted in recent years by hip-hop icons, rappers, actors, actresses and sports figures.

Celebrities and ordinary folks alike are seen more and more often ‘sporting’ these decorative covers made of gold, silver or diamond encrusted covers affectionately known as “grills”. These covers can be either removable or permanent.

The decision to add these decorative crowns to ones teeth is a subject in which Dr. Little has extensive experience. He has devoted a portion of his practice to the beautification of smiles and making his patients’ expressions unique with the addition of ‘grills’ to his menu of services!

Dr. Little also offers crown removal. Call the office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Little to learn what can be done to remove the crowns and restore a natural smile.

Dr. Little fabricates gold shell crowns (same day service available), using the finest quality 22K yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold. Diamonds are also available, including but not limited to, crushed diamonds, princess cut, invisible set, baguettes and pave’ diamonds. Dr. Little offers colored stones.