About Dr. Little

Dr. Walter K. Little, Jr.

Dr. Little is a General Dentist who has been practicing Dentistry since 1991. He attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN and graduated in May 1991 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree.

Education and Experience

After passing the North East Regional Board Exams in 1992, he received his license to practice dentistry in fifteen states including Washington, D.C. and Maryland. After practicing there for three years he moved in 1995 to his native town of Mobile, AL. He practiced at Franklin Primary Health Centers with the National Health Service Corps for seven years.

In December of 2001 Dr. Little opened his private practice at 712 South Washington Avenue. He has been serving all of Mobile and the surrounding areas for seven years now. Dr. Robert Gilliard built and practiced in this location for nearly 40 years.


Services Dr. Little Provides

The services Dr. Little provides are:  fillings, extractions plus oral surgery procedures, crowns, bridges, dentures, and partial dentures. He restores implant cases, and offers the one hour in-office Zoom Whitening, periodontal therapy services, cleanings, exams, and x-rays.


Gold Shell Crowns

Dr. Little fabricates gold shell crowns (same day service available) using the finest quality 22K yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold and various stones.



Dr. Little is married to Mrs. Carol Carr Little, a Mobile Municipal Court Judge. They have three children, Walter III, Joseph and Julian Little.


Office and Staff

Dr. Walter Little’s office consists of an office manager, an insurance coordinator, two Registered Dental Hygienists and two dental assistants. The staff is caring, friendly, and compassionate and strives to meet all your dental needs.

At the office of Dr. Walter K. Little, Jr, everyone receives the best care available regardless of who they are . Dr. Little operates a family practice that serves young and old alike. The office provides the best quality care by staffing competent and confident individuals who care about you and your dental health and will treat you as if you are family!